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Compliance & Security

SqlDBM’s highest level of account protection and auditing

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Security and Compliance

Enhanced security-driven functionality like Audit Logs and IP Access Management support enterprises with regulations for security controls, allowing for extra visibility & monitoring. Customer-hosted storage with customer-managed keys provides an additional layer of security by giving you complete control over the storage, its location and its contents - while also helping meet residency and industry compliance requirements. Private Networking makes access more secure by eliminating the need to traverse the public internet and reduces network latency.  

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Access Control and Visibility

Control access to your enterprise data with a master key for data and credentials encryption. Using our Audit Logs dashboard, you can monitor user activity and logins, and instantly disable access if necessary. Logging and monitoring are not limited to the online tool but also include API requests, giving you complete visibility. Additionally, IP allow and block lists and enable admins to maintain complete control over data model access.

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Security features for control, visibility,
and compliance

Choosing Enterprise Compliance and Security unlocks SqlDBM’s highest protection and regulatory compliance features. This plan includes all the features of Standard Enterprise and provides the option of US-only support in addition to the security features below

Customer-hosted storage

Options: AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage 

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Customer-managed keys

Manage cryptographic keys used for data and credentials encryption with the ability to restrict access anytime


Via Azure Private Link, AWS Privatelink, Google Private Service Connect 


Audit logs

Monitor access to your project data made through the UI or via API request.

IP access

Manage IP allow and block lists and maintain complete control over data model access.


SOC 2 Type II for service organizations

Penetration test passed

Before SqlDBM, the data teams at Sophos saw themselves being held back by a lack of visibility and understanding of shared data across multiple workstreams. No centralized repository existed to discover shared data assets and communicate changes across the data landscape...

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Learn more about Enterprise Plus

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